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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of our students?

Success rate of students depends largely on the students themselves. We teach ALL the principles of profitable Forex trading and we also teach profitable systems to trade that we trade ourselves for our own accounts. It depends on how well the students can understand and apply these principles we teach. Some learn quickly - and others take a longer time. Some work hard, and others want it to be easy without too much effort.

Nevertheless, in our 10 week classes where we have more than a month to trade practically in the class under supervision of a professional Forex trader, we achieve a very high rate of success, which in some cases can be as high as having 80% of students trading profitably after the course. We do give a 14 point checklist of rules that students must apply when trading, which will ensure success.

Do you have any guarantees?

We are most probably the only Forex training company in the world that guarantees success if students apply our principles correctly. The reason we can do this is because all of the trainers trade the same system(s) that we teach in the class, and so we have full confidence from our own experience that what we teach brings success.

Furthermore, we take responsibility for what we teach by offering FREE support and mentoring after the course for as long as a student requires it. This should tell you that we are serious in delivering value and positive results through our teaching.

How experienced are your trainers and lecturers?

Our company has a strict policy that we will not appoint any trainers and lecturers if they cannot prove that they are trading profitably on a live account for at least a couple of years. We believe only such experienced and succesful traders can train others to also be successful.

Our trainers and lecturers also undergo intensive training in our curriculum and systems before they are allowed to teach a class.

What qualifications must I have to become a successful Forex trader?

There are no particular academic qualifications necessary to become a successful Forex trader. No need for high intelligence, great mathematical skills, etc. We find that it is often our slowest learners that become the most successful traders, and the reason is that they tend to just learn and understand the basic rules and then stick to them.

The most critical qualification that a student must have to become successful is determination and commitment. In the beginning, Forex trading can seem difficult and many struggle for quite a while, but if they have a "never give up" attitude, they will eventually become profitable traders. Those who give up easily and do not want to put in the work, usually fall by the wayside.

How much money must I have to open a live account to trade?

This depends on several things. Normally a new trader will start with a small account with as little as $100 - $500 to keep risk as low as possible. As the trader becomes more profitable and more confident he/she can add funds to the account, but most will normally trade their accounts without withdrawing any funds in order to build up a healthy sized account that can be traded with a low percentage risk and still deliver a good return or income.

Of course, the larger your account the more money you will make with the same low risk.