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30th September 2024

Our very popular INTERACTIVE ONLINE CLASSROOM COURSE was designed by our senior lecturer with more than 20 years of trading experience. It is offered like an in-class course with live presentation on-line and students can interact with the lecturer through audio and/or chat, and all classes are recorded to be accessed post lectures as well.

Five general approaches to training are taught as well as 2 detailed systems with proven profitability and both come with their respective Expert Advisors to help cut screen time in half.

This course has a high success rate and many of our students now trade full-time.

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Why Forex Academy is the best to learn Forex Trading...

Guaranteed Profitability

We guarantee the profitability of our systems that we teach - if you apply all the rules of the system as taught.

Expert Advisor / Robot

We supply an Expert Advisor that will open a trade according to rules even if you are not at your computer - saving you 80-90% of screen time.

Qualified Teachers

We appoint only people who have a proven record of profitable trading on a live account as our teachers.

Trading Competitions

At the end of every 3 Months Forex Trading Course we have a trading competition where large prizes can be won.

Refresher Courses

We hold regular Refresher Courses (classroom or online) to help students to trade our systems correctly and profitably.

FREE Support

After completion of a Forex Course students get FREE mentoring and support for as long as they want it.

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